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Add Color to Your San Diego Landscape | Vista Tree Service

Four Trees That Will Add Color to Your San Diego County Landscape

Do you dream of having a beautiful landscape featuring a variety of different colors - not just green? This can be a bit of a challenge in San Diego County, where many of the best-known colorful trees, like crabapples and cherry trees, do not tolerate the hot climate. Thankfully, there are a few colorful trees that do grow well in this region. Here are four such trees that will add a much-needed pop of color to your landscape.

Magnolia Trees                           

Not all magnolia trees will tolerate the Zone 10 heat in San Diego County, but there are two varieties that will: Green Giant Magnolias and Southern Magnolias. Both varieties are known for their fragrant, white flowers, which really stand out against the tree's dark-green foliage. The flowers appear in late spring and continue blooming into the summer, so you get several months of beauty.
Green Giant Magnolia trees' flowers can reach up to 10 inches in diameter, and in the fall, the tree gives you a second colorful surprise when scarlet berries appear. The Green Giant Magnolia is a large tree that can reach up to 60 feet tall and 30 feet wide, so plan carefully before planting.
Southern Magnolia trees have smaller yet equally attractive flowers and berries. They can also grow very tall, but since they can tolerate a range of soil types and partial shade, you should be able to find one a spot in your yard.

Mimosa Trees

Mimosa trees are exceedingly elegant trees with frilly, eyelash-like pink and yellow flowers. The flowers are present for the majority of the summer. These trees have fronds similar to those of a palm tree, and they thrive in the heat of San Diego County. You may sometimes see mimosa trees advertised as Persian silk trees.
Mimosa trees grow to about 30 feet in height, making them a good choice for smaller yards. Mimosa trees tolerate dry soil, but they do need full sunlight to thrive. Mimosa trees shoot up in height quite quickly, and they require careful pruning when they are young.

Valencia Orange Trees

Perhaps you'd like to add a splash of orange to your landscape! While there are several varieties of oranges that grow well in San Diego County, Valencia oranges are perhaps the most attractive and easiest to grow. The oranges themselves are very sweet and juicy, so you can enjoy freshly squeezed orange juice at breakfast each morning. Since Valencias produce a two fruit crops each year, there are almost always colorful oranges on the tree.
Valencia orange trees only grow to about 13 feet in height, so you could even plant one in a garden bed. Careful pruning will keep it small and neatly shaped. These trees do require well-drained soil and full sunlight to thrive.

Persimmon Trees

Persimmons are a unique orange or reddish-colored fruit that originated in China. Several varieties are commonly grown in the United States, and the variety called Fuyu Asian Persimmon grows well in Zone 10. Persimmon trees develop yellow flowers in the spring, and later in the fall, the orange fruits add more color to your land.
Fuyu Asian Persimmon trees grow to about 20 feet tall and 20 feet wide. They require full sunlight and do best in loamy soil. Persimmons are selfpollinating, so you will get fruit even if you plant only one tree.
With the trees above, you can have the colorful landscape you've always dreamed of. If your trees are in need of trimming, contact the experts at Vista Tree Service. Our trained arborists take a personalized approach to tree care and will keep your yard looking its best.


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