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What You Need to Know About Pruning Trees

Trees are natural. That should mean they don't need the help of humans to keep them healthy and alive, right? Not always.
Yes, there are plenty of trees that grow in the wild. They start as seeds and develop into mighty parts of the natural greenery, and they do it without any help. However, that doesn't mean your transplanted trees are going to flourish all by themselves. Of the many ways that you care for your trees, pruning is an activity that has a major impact on growth, aesthetics and health.
Whether you're planting one tree or landscaping your entire yard, understanding why pruning is important and why you need a professional to do it is essential to the health of your tree. Take a look at the need-to-know facts about trees and pruning.
Why Prune Your Trees?
There isn't just one main reason for pruning. You'll find that different people prune their trees for different reasons. That said, the primary reasons for pruning include promoting healthy growth, improving the look of the tree and keeping everyone who walks under or around the tree safe.
How Does Pruning Keep Trees Healthy?
Trees get sick. Maybe not like humans, but they do fall prey to diseases. When a tree has areas that are diseased, pruning can remove the unhealthy branches and leave room for growth. Sometimes it's not a disease that does a tree in. Injuries can also cause major problems. Pruning broken, snapped or injured branches allows the tree to heal and grow properly.
Along with diseases and injuries, insects and animals can also cause major problems for your trees. An infestation can devastate limbs and leave branches bare. After the infestation is taken care of, pruning what's left behind of the tree can get rid of the dead or rotting areas. Again, this too makes way for new growth.
What Does Pruning Do for Aesthetics?
Chances are you didn't just randomly point to one out of a group of trees and tell your landscape professional to plant it. It's more likely that you painstakingly chose the tree as part of your overall yard design. That means you want your tress to look a certain way.
Pruning makes this possible. By trimming the limbs back you aren't just allowing for healthy growth, you're also getting the shape and size you want. Of course, over trimming can lead to problems. That's why it's important to hire a professional for your tree pruning needs. The pros know how to trim a tree without causing damage to it.
How Can Pruning Make the Yard Safe?
A storm just blew by. What's left in its wake? Broken branches and half-hanging limbs. Leaving these as is poses a serious safety hazard. Anyone who walks under or near the tree runs the risk of having a branch suddenly fall on top of them.
Anytime you have part of a tree that is injured, broken or in some way about to fall, it's best to get it professionally pruned. The experts can make sure that the dangerous spots on the tree are removed correctly. This allows you to get back into your yard without worry.
What's the Best Time of Year to Prune?
This depends on several factors, including the type of tree and the climate. Also, flowering trees may have somewhat different pruning schedules—depending on when they bloom. Even though there are better times to prune trees, you always want to call a tree-trimming professional when there is obvious damage. Broken or rotting branches need to go, regardless of the time of the year.
Do you need an expert to help you with your pruning needs? Contact Vista Tree Service for more information or to schedule services.  


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