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5 of the Best Tree Choices for San Diego County


If you've recently moved to San Diego County from elsewhere in the country, you might be struck by how dry and arid the climate is. You may get the impression that very little can grow here, but that's not exactly true. While you may not be able to grow all of the favorites you might have had before you moved, there are still a variety of plants and trees that grow well and can even flourish in the sometimes-hostile weather.


Don't Let It Die: Understanding Your Tree's Needs After Transplant


Most trees in residential yards are not grown from seeds. Instead, the trees are brought in and installed as young trees that already have a good amount of height. Trees of this size represent a significant monetary investment, but they often die if they are not properly installed and cared for during the first year after transplant.


Oak Worms: A Guide for California Tree Owners


Oak trees are beautiful and majestic, but sadly, they are also prone to a number of diseases and infestations. In California, one of the most common problems to affect oak trees is oak worm. An outbreak occurs when oak worms, the caterpillars of a species of moth known as Phryganidia californica, invade a tree in large numbers.

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