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Five Essential Winter Tree Care Tips

winter tree care
Once the leaves of fall have been raked, you may be tempted to ignore your trees until springtime, but a few simple techniques can help your plants weather the storms of winter and return with increased vigor next spring. Use these five winter tree care tips and a professional tree service to prep your saplings and mature specimens for cold weather.

Apply Plenty of Water

It is essential to offer your plants enough water before the long months of winter. While the ground is frozen, roots will not be able to absorb moisture, so deep, thorough watering must be completed before the solid freeze. Be sure to soak at least the top 18 inches of soil so that the water reaches the root zone.

Guard Against Animals

Deer and rodents look to tree bark as a food source during the barren months of winter. Ward off unwelcome visitors with guards made of wire or plastic that encase the trunk.

Save Pruning for Later

Pruning a tree stimulates new growth, which is exactly what you want during the springtime, but not right before freezing temperatures set in. Be sure to save any pruning tasks until later in the dormant period and avoid fall pruning completely.

Protection From the Sun

Even winter sunlight is enough to warm the interior of a tree and send the sap running prematurely. This can cause bark splitting and is easily avoided by having your tree trunks wrapped or painted with white paint to deflect unwanted rays.

Make Room for Mulch

Tender saplings and other delicate trees should be mulched before winter. Keep mulch at least 3 inches away from the trunk to deter animals.
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