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Top 5 Reasons to Remove a Tree Stump

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If you’ve previously had a tree removed from your yard, a portion of the trunk may have been left behind. No matter the height, old trunks are best removed by a certified arborist for the health, safety and aesthetic of your property and home. Consider these top five reasons to have that stump removed.

Increase Safety

When a tree is cut down, part of the trunk and the root system is left intact. Surface roots can be a tripping hazard and cause unsafe play conditions for children, and may also impede lawn mowing and other landscaping activities.

Control Pests

Termites, wasps and other pests are attracted to dead wood and love to take up residence in stumps. Removing inviting conditions is an essential step in safeguarding against their presence. Dead wood also attracts fungi, which can damage your healthy landscape plants.

Prepare for New Landscaping

When a tree is removed, homeowners usually like to overhaul the landscaping in the area, which is a complicated task if roots and trunks are still present. Once removed, the ground is softer and provides a more inviting place for new plant growth.

Beautify Your Yard

Most people consider the presence of dead wood unsightly, and you may be surprised at the improvement in the aesthetic of your yard once it is gone. You will be left with space for beautiful, healthy trees and plants once old trunks are removed.

Ensure Full Tree Removal

Cutting down a tree is not enough to stop its growth. Roots remain alive and may send up water sprouts, which can interfere with your lawn and other landscaping.
At Vista Tree Service, we employ a courteous staff of English speakers to assist you over the phone and in person and would love to help you with your tree care and tree stump removal needs. Give us a call today at 760-941-6760 for tree service in Vista, Carlsbad and Encinitas.

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